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tokyo ghoul ocs :iconzer11:zer11 1 0
batman ocs
name: ??? ???? supervillan name: murmur
male, age: 20s alignment: neutral bad
personality: greedy, coward, bit paranoid
powers: firearms[guns], knives, explosives[bombs], some gadgets, ventriloquism[learned]
appearance: based on hush, purple and black colors to suit, mask with belts on it but no eye or mouth holes, various holsters and utility belts under trench coat.
an arms dealer and smuggler, but doesn't associate with chemical weapons, terrorism, or live bombs. doesn't work with too unstable people such as joker, scarecrow, occasionally two face, etc. prioritizes himself, cargo, teammates when on job in that order, but will abandon some/all of it to save himself. talks in whispers, uses ventriloquism to broadcast his voice as intimidation, terror tactic, or distraction when fighting in a smokescreen. paranoid about protecting his identity and uses all measures to protect it, uses lead particles in his mask to block kryptonian x-ray vision and mind shield chips to block psychic pro
:iconzer11:zer11 1 0
Mature content
the secret world --ideas :iconzer11:zer11 0 0
blue dragon destroy girl by zer11 blue dragon destroy girl :iconzer11:zer11 0 0
tmnt 2013 mutant world
the kraang portal in tcri malfunctions and causes dimensional tears that lead to a new York that was mutated by mutagen bomb. person's double in that universe has different form and memories than original. the kraang go through tears to get materials, samples, and mutant soldiers. sometimes creatures from mutant city come to new York and cause havoc forcing turtles to send them back.
alternate april is mutant salamander called mona lisa who has no memories of human life, gives advice and support to turtles after they help her. turtles can do missions to help gain some of her memories back. has black hair, wears yellow coat, has torn jeans.
alternate baxter stockman is wasp mutant, he hates/fears wasps and hates people who make fun of speech because he adds zzz to some words or end of his speech. controls warehouse that has mouser factory inside.
alternate fishface are common enemies in waterways and deep water areas. they do quick jump bite attack then goes back into water to breath/re
:iconzer11:zer11 0 0
various tf ideas 3
how to train your dragon: one of the gang has a family curse that makes them help so one with great need, sometimes even becoming object/animal they need, one scenario is one of the riders needs to fly but dragon is knocked out/not there so cursed one becomes dragon to be ridden, other scenario is hiccup making comment that toothless needs another nightfury friend/girlfriend/mate and one of the girls ends up turning into nightfury for toothless.
pokemon: arceus punishes all evildoers/troublemakers, Lawrence to lugia, joke of team rocket trio turning into dodrio?[bird], zero to giratina, and more.
pokemon: set in kelos region, megastone is used in machine make things evolve, plan by team [rocket/other] to evolve/strengthen pokemon, other plan is person wanting to improve humanity, either way machine gets damaged/goes haywire blasting humans in area with megastone energy turning them into pokemon.
pokemon: ash rescues a goodra, hes hugged by it and it runs off, the slime it left on him t
:iconzer11:zer11 2 1
nick godzilla by zer11 nick godzilla :iconzer11:zer11 6 2 muscle guilmon and takatomon by zer11 muscle guilmon and takatomon :iconzer11:zer11 2 2 ashchu sketches by zer11 ashchu sketches :iconzer11:zer11 0 0
Mature content
silent hill side by side :iconzer11:zer11 0 0
various tf ideas 2
Godzilla: either psychic girl/ japanese priestess connects and forcibly moves Godzilla away each time he approaches japan, because their influencing/connecting to Godzilla the girl is slowly turning into a Godzilla creature, plot point there were many before them and those that changed too far were sealed in water tanks[psychic]/ in stone[priestess]
tf prime: girl whos archaeologist finds/ girl with medieval ancestry inherits a fossil of a predacon, later kidnapped with fossil by decepticons, experiment to clone creature gets accident that infects/injects predacon dna into girl who turns into creature similar to predacon, predacon thinks of her as part of pack/potential mate.
spyro dawn of dragon[newer series]: a human gets sent to spyro's world as dragon, they have to avoid crystals, that while they empower/heal they take a bit of humanity each time and if too much humanity is lost they'll be stuck as dragon [inspired by kryio's char cole series]
tf prime: jack becomes cybertronian wi
:iconzer11:zer11 3 0
transformers prime underbase draft
chapter 1/prologue: story of underbase as treasure/union/collection of all cybertronian knowledge, it can grant wisdom, power, even some say affect reality, or in foolish/evil hands bring great destruction, in order to prevent anyone from misusing/mishandling it, it was shot into space where it now observes and gathers knowledge throughout universe as a golden comet.
chapter 2: channels are being flipped by miko at autobot base, space channel mentions new comet found before being flipped, ratchet tells her to stop: elsewhere autobots are decepticon base/mine where soundwave is, they get in fight which soundwave soon joins, in middle of fight soundwave detects strange signal and leaves to investigate, autobots beat remaining vehicons and leave, autobots question why soundwave left.
chapter 3: on nemesis, while soundwave is working at computer knockout with dreadwing talk about why soundwave left battle, dreadwing says it was for good reason, megatron comes in and says exactly scaring kn
:iconzer11:zer11 1 1
godzilla oc genesis
type: plant/multicellular  organism   size:5-6 times size of Godzilla
origin/creation: eco terrorist group scales attacks oil rig that's secret lab government is using to study various kaiju dna/cells, rig explodes and sinks, its dna/cell material fuses/mixes with a patch of plankton that soon mutates and divides rapidly into plant mass.
abilities/characteristics: light weight and gas sacks/pockets allow it to hover/fly in air, has bulging glob-like mass of middle body with openings and giant flower-like mouth that can opens and close, several back spikes/tubes that propel it, two bulgy fat short arms with mouth hands like one on body.
abilities: releases white mist that causes lifeforms like plants and animals to mutate into kaiju like creatures, affects continue/advance with more/continued direct contact, it possesses incredible regenative abililites healing from wounds almost instantly, has no central nervous system/organs so can't be killed quickly or easily.
weakness: we
:iconzer11:zer11 1 0
various tf plans ideas 1
ben 10 omniverse albedo's new plan to become galvan again is to turn ben into a galvan, then get ben's omnitrix to accept that galvan dna as ben's true form/race that way albedo can use data/dna link to become galvan.
ben 10 omniverse ben fights alien collector and omnitrix is hit during fight and acts weird, at ben's house omnitrix releases dna pulse wave that turns ben's parents into aliens, collector kidnaps parents and ben has to save them.
how to train your dragon: dagger hosts a dragon hunting tournament and brings most of his berseker army to make sure it won't be interrupted, snotlout insults witch that curses him to be dragon, hiccup and the gang have to save snotlout from hunt and convince witch to change him back while avoiding dagger and his berserkers.
pokemon black and white: team plasma's gene splicer used to combine humans and pokemon together in hybrid/gijinka like form.
dragon booster: device used to enhance/alter draconium is damaged in fight with dragon booster and
:iconzer11:zer11 2 0
jojo bizarre adventure alt universe xovers
the characters of jba that were killed by pucci are revived in different universes and due to time alterations by stairway to heavens ability people killed or died for characters are revived, certain characters can't be revived such as cheap trick and kira who were taken by ghost street, jba characters that are in new jba timeline and enrico don't get sent to other universes except funny valentine but only briefly as training to use his stand.
some characters have their wounds healed or youth restored to a degree such as joseph joestar who returns to age he was in stardust crusade/story 3, enigma paper user, Anubis, aquanecklace user, kenzo dragon dream are restored/healed. dialvo is still affected by gold experience requiems ability but each time he dies is revived in different universes.
characters can't alter/change/evolve stands ability from whats told in manga/wikia, so star platinum can only stop time and not gain any other ability like making fire etc.
in some universes they bec
:iconzer11:zer11 0 1
persona identity newself
shadow world is accessed through mirrors. a persons shadowself offers people who hate or reject themselves/life path a new self/identity they desire, examples: cowboy, king, astronaut, enhanced form, even animals or other creatures[even mythical]. person gains shadow body with unique mask to live out fantasy while shadow self takes over their real body and life, shadow selves can't mimic person perfectly there is hint/actions that give them away and they do/act bit differently than real self. person loses sense of self or goes mad if they stay a shadow, if confronted/told to change back will go berserk and turn into giant monstrous form of their desired self, person who forgives/accepts their true self will regain their human body and may gain a persona. bond a person has or to summon persona is the unique mask[changes to different shape if they gain persona or shatters/disappears if they don't get one] they had when they were shadows, they put on mask and yell out a phrase/action summ
:iconzer11:zer11 0 0


MKC Jus De Bais Bonus by blackmage20 MKC Jus De Bais Bonus :iconblackmage20:blackmage20 184 16 MKC Jus De Bais Pg11 by blackmage20 MKC Jus De Bais Pg11 :iconblackmage20:blackmage20 165 15 Jackie Valentine Surprise TF 13 - Skwang by Sephzero
Mature content
Jackie Valentine Surprise TF 13 - Skwang :iconsephzero:Sephzero 97 18
Aeron Bejeweled Change 06 -  Skwang by Sephzero
Mature content
Aeron Bejeweled Change 06 - Skwang :iconsephzero:Sephzero 129 5
Muffy by Kojiro-Brushard Muffy :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 142 14 Dr Tophys by Kojiro-Brushard Dr Tophys :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 113 29 Alphidot by Kojiro-Brushard Alphidot :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 146 12 Professor Toriphys by Kojiro-Brushard Professor Toriphys :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 139 12 CM- Minkuya by Kojiro-Brushard CM- Minkuya :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 149 14 Switch by Kojiro-Brushard Switch :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 408 24 CM- The BEjeweled Katt (feat. Dr.Bioyugi) by Kojiro-Brushard
Mature content
CM- The BEjeweled Katt (feat. Dr.Bioyugi) :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 477 20
CM- Rabbit Stuffing by Kojiro-Brushard CM- Rabbit Stuffing :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 243 19 CM- Bunny Gal Hourglass by Kojiro-Brushard CM- Bunny Gal Hourglass :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 251 20 Mouse Trap pt 2 by Kojiro-Brushard Mouse Trap pt 2 :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 254 46 Color Practice by Kojiro-Brushard Color Practice :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 227 22 CM- Ying Rough by Kojiro-Brushard CM- Ying Rough :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 159 3


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scanner works but when uploaded to da gets skinny and stretched on normal view, download for true picture


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